Arashi no Yoru Ni

One Stormy Night

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This is a community for the book series and movie titled Arashi no Yoru Ni, or One Stormy Night.

1 - Please respect others. No flaming, trolling, or harassment of other members of the community. It will not be tolerated. If you engage in any activities of this sort, you will be banned.

2 - No Spamming. Off topic entries, entries without content (such at fanfiction, fanart, other forms of fanwork, or requests\challenges to produce fanworks), or posting multiple entries at once. If you spam, your posting access will be removed.

3 - Please Lj-cut. When posting entries with large images, multiple small images or large amounts of text, you must use an Lj-cut. Some people may be on slow dial up, be accessing from work or school, or just don't want to clog their friend's pages. When posting icons, up to three can be posted without a cut. If you're not sure how, consult the LJ FAQ, or ask someone. We don't bite.

4 - Offensive material policy; The community takes no responsibility for content you choose to veiw. All posts must be appropriately labeled with warnings and ratings.

5 - Fanworks of all kinds can be posted to the community. Fanart, fanfiction, music videos, and any other kinds of creative processes are welcomed and encouraged.

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